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What is Matterhorn White Daily?

Matterhorn White Daily is a daily email sent out to all the dealer members in the network. This has the latest and most current off market inventory and want ads from our dealer members. It’s like getting a daily list of revenue generating opportunities.

I'm not an aircraft sales professional. Can I just pay the membership fee and gain access?

Access is granted only to those who are aircraft sales professionals, have been interviewed by the administrator, and have paid their membership fees.

I'm not an aircraft sales professional. Can I harness the power of the Matterhorn White dealer network to sell my aircraft?

Absolutely! Our members are the pros pros when it comes to selling aircraft. Coupled with the power of the network your aircraft is sure to sell. Send our administrator a message with some details about your aircraft and they will refer your aircraft to a dealer suited to represent your aircraft.

What are the requirements to gain access to Matterhorn White?

You must fill out the registration form, be an aircraft sales professional, be interviewed by the administrator or obtain a recommendation from a current member, and choose of of the two available pricing plans.

Can I gain immediate access to the network?

All potential member inquires must be reviewed and approved by the administrator. This generally happens within 24 hours.

I sell strictly on the open market to end users. Are there any benefits to using this platform?

Yes! In addition to dealer to dealer marketing Matterhorn White allows members to place want ads, generate spec sheets, manage prospects and quickly get the word out to un advertised aircraft that may be coming in on trade!

As an aircraft sales professional how can I be sure that my available inventory is seen only by other dealers?

Matterhorn White has a strict dealer only policy. We go to great lengths to protect the integrity of the off market inventory.

What is an off market aircraft listing?

An off-market aircraft is similar to a pocket listing in Real Estate. The aircraft is not listed on any public website or print publication. The only parties that know the aircraft is available is the owner and the dealer.

Why sell an aircraft off market?

There are many reasons. Often times the aircraft will transact quicker in a dealer to dealer scenario. Owners may not want the general public to know that their aircraft is for sale. Dealers can bring their clients unique opportunities. Savvy dealers know that to get their clients the best aircraft they must have insight to aircraft before reaching the market.

If I sell off market won't I always receive a lower sales price?

This is not always the case. Off market aircraft transact in both retail and wholesale segments. Dealers representing clients are often paid acquisition fees to find the right airplane….not necessarily the cheapest one.

What is the competitive advantage to using Matterhorn White?

Savvy dealers know that to get their clients the best aircraft they must have insight to aircraft before reaching the general public.

As a member will I receive sales or acquisition leads?

Yes! The administration receives requests from all around the country of end users wanting to buy or sell. We in turn match them up with a member in their area or a member with particular aircraft experience.

Can Matterhorn White provide me with a list of owners and contact information for a particular make and model of aircraft?

Yep, we sure can. For an additional fee, we can provide the most up-to-date ownership and contact information.

Can Matterhorn White create marketing material to send to owners of specific aircraft?

Of course, we can!

How do I sign up?

Click the Sign Up link in the top menu. Create a new username and password. Then provide your dealer information. Brian from our office will review your information and be in contact within 24 hours with next steps!

Do you have different payment options?

Currently, our only subscription option is $125 / month.

Can Matterhorn White save me money?

We are not in the business of saving you money. We are in the business of helping you to be more profitable. However, depending on how you use Matterhorn White and where you currently spend your management and marketing dollars…yes, we can as a by product, save you a significant amount of money.